UNAMUNO II - Outermost R. (OR) Print

The project Unamuno II extends the scope of cooperation between universities from Macaronesia to extend it to all universities of the OR and position itself as a group of higher education institutions with similar characteristics, objectives and common problems, to create mechanisms of action – as interlocutor with the various EU agencies and in coordination with the Autonomous Government of the respective regions, in teaching, research and construction of spaces of European higher education and research.


  • Promote the cooperation of the Universities and the public institutions of the OR.
  • Aproaching communities of the OR to the European Union through the Universities
  • Strengthening the link and cooperation of universities and the communities of ORs with other countries.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge regions in the technological development, cooperation between universities and research into the region with the aim of enhancing the integration of the OR in Europe.