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Logótipo MACMAC 2007-2013 Transnational Cooperation Program, Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands

A Cooperação Territorial Europeia foi estabelecida como um dos três objectivos dos Fundos Estruturais para o Período 2007-2013, reforçando, desta forma, o que até agora tem constituído a iniciativa comunitária INTERREG. The objective of European territorial cooperation is to strengthen cooperation on a transnational view of the experience of previous programming period, through actions aimed at achieving a coherent and integrated territorial development, in line with the priorities of the European Union.

With this objective, we intend to strengthen cooperation at three levels:

  • Cross-border cooperation through joint programs;
  • Cooperation at the level of transnational areas;
  • Developing cooperation networks and exchange of experiences throughout the Union.

At the level of cooperation corresponding to transnational areas, the European Commission addressed the usefulness and activity areas defined in the context of INTERREG IIIB Azores - Madeira - Canary Islands, and redefined them keeping the transnational cooperation area of the Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands with the same geographical scope as it is an area for transnational cooperation which proved to be sufficiently consistent and continues to have common interests and possibilities that could be developed during the period 2007-2013.

The main novelty in the MAC program, is the Commission's proposal that a portion of the money allocated for cooperation for the new programming period 2007-2013 may be destined for projects in territories outside the EU.

In this sense, the cooperation space in MAC  2007-2013, comprises the islands of Madeira and the Azores, and the Autonomous Community of Canary Islands. This sets out as one of its main lines of intervention, cooperation with third countries of its geographical and cultural, along the lines developed during the period 2000-2006, in Northwest Africa and Latin America.



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