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logótipo UAGHigher education exists in Antilles and Guiana in the late nineteenth century in the form of a legal education (Decree of 20 January 1883). However, it was only after the Second World War higher education is really organized and developed.

This is first of all legal education. The organization was entrusted to Professor Henry Vizioz Faculty of Law at Bordeaux.

It's still in memory of his action as the current EBU law and economics are named INSTITUTE Vizioz.
Professor H. Vizioz died in a plane crash in 1948.

Ten years later, appeared the beginnings of higher education in Arts and Sciences. It was in 1963 that have created a Centre for Higher Education and Scientific Center of Higher Education Literature, administrative and educational extension of the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Arts of the Academy of Bordeaux.

The reorganization of higher education following the implementation of the Law of 12 November 1968 will reshape the administrative side of higher education to Antilles and Guyane.

ECSS - CESL - Institute Vizioz units are built in Education and Research (U.E.R.).

It should also be noted that the Institute is divided into 2 Vizioz U.E.R, one for Guadeloupe and the other for Martinique. The latter extending its work in Guyana.

The July 31, 1970 involved the establishment of the University of the Antilles and Guiana (C.U.A.G).

The University Center is intended to consolidate administratively the 4 UER. The University Center is intended to consolidate administratively the 4 UER. It is a "public institution" enjoying legal personality and financial autonomy. It is placed from this point of view on the same plane as a University (Faculty of old city). However not educationally significant, it must enter into agreements with Universities in the city.

In 1971, an organizational meeting chaired by Mr Julius Charles, Director of the UER of Natural Sciences is responsible for drafting statutes that are approved by the Ministry of Education.

The statutes were adopted March 26, 1971 by the constituent assembly and approved by the Ministry of Education September 24, 1971.

On 12 April 1972 the ANTILLES AND GUYANA UNIVERSITY CENTER elects its first president: Jacques-MERLAND ADELAIDE, Senior Assistant to the UER of History of Arts and Humanities.

In 1982, following the decree founding the University of the Antilles and Guyana, as it is enhanced by two other UFR, as well as five new institutes.

Over the 90 's site development and upgrading the image and structure of the UAG has been established, and it has been prepared to adapt to the second millennium.


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